• Translation

Translations by native speakers

Without exception, our translations are undertaken by certified, mother tongue translators who are specialists within their respective areas of expertise. The quality of all of our translations is meticulously checked prior to being returned to the customer. Quality assurance is carried out with respect to both form and content.

With our translations, in addition to the accuracy of form and content, we also pay particular attention to regional compatibility in order to ensure that translations are undertaken on the basis of actual linguistic usage in the country where the target language is spoken. In this way, we ensure that the reality of the respective country is represented. A good translation is one where the reader does not even notice that he is reading a translation in the first place.

We also possess the technical expertise, the most up-to-date tools (CAT systems, terminology management and translations memories) and industry-specific resources, all of which enable us to provide you with individual solutions in the areas of translation, documentation and DTP.